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Using Printer Check Tool

Printer Check Tool

  1. Software License Agreements

    After starting the Print Check Tool, the Software License Agreement window appears. Read the Software License Agreement and then click on the "Accept" button. Then click on the "Next" button.

    Software License Agreements

  2. Selecting the Check Method

    When a printer that you want information on is installed on the client PC, or when the driver has already been set up, select the "List printers that are installed on this computer" button. For a printer that is connected to the network, or when the printer driver is not yet set up, select the "List devices that are connected to the network" button.

    Selecting the Check Method

  3. Selecting a printer

    Clicking on the "List printers that are installed on this computer" generates a list of devices similar to the illustration below. Select a target printer to acquire setting information. (Multiple printers can be selected.) Mark the check box, and click on the "Retrieve Data" button.

    Selecting a printer

  4. Retrieving and viewing setup information

    The "Retrieve Data Complete" window appears, and items with a possible fault appear.

    Retrieving and viewing setup information

  5. Viewing print setup information

    Clicking on the "Display Data" button at the bottom of the "Retrieve Data Complete" window shows a view of all print setting information.

    Viewing print setup information

  6. Viewing solutions

    Clicking on the "Solution" button in "Print Environment Settings" window will show a view of possible issues, and a Help menu of hints for solutions.

    Viewing solutions

  7. Viewing the printer status

    Clicking on the "Printer Status" button in "Print Environment Settings" window may start CentreWare Internet Service (CWIS), if it is available as a feature of the machine.

    Viewing the Printer status

    If the machine has CWIS, you can check the detailed information on the status of the printer.

    Viewing the Printer status

  8. Writing received data to CSV files

    Clicking on the "Export to CSV" button in the upper right corner of the "Print Environment Settings" window will make a window appear, which will prompt you to check the execution status of processing. Select "Yes" then specify a name and an archive for a CSV file. Then press the "Save" button. Acquired printing setting information will be extracted to the CSV file.


    • Note CSV files should be treated as sensitive information. They include important information on customers' printing environment: a computer's OS information, network setup information, and printer setup information.
    Writing received data to CSV files